Basalt Range
Mar 3, 2016

Baita Range

Assembled Parquet Panels

Alpine Charm

Baita was designed to pay homage to the traditional Stube, the rooms with wooden walls and floors typical of homes in the Alpine areas, inside which daily family life would take place. These traditional settings, which still play an important role today in homes and commercial premises in the mountains, are alluded to in the wood-like intertwined patterns that are the distinctive feature of this ceramic collection.

The particular characteristic of Baita are the colour variants it comes in, with each one recalling a different stage in the life cycle of larch wood, which evolves over the years as it ages and is exposed to light.

The colour range includes shades reminiscent of the freshly cut trunk (Fresh), the wood as it is used in natural settings (Natural) and the shades the essences take on when exposed to direct sunlight (Sun) or applied in shady areas (Shade).

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Colour Shading

The moderate chromatic variation and the veining of the product is an intrinsic feature to re-create the randomness and richness of the colour shading of natural stones to which the collection is inspired. For these reasons, we recommend installing the product choosing tiles from different boxes in order to guarantee a variable and natural random effect of the finished surface. Due to these intrinsic features of the product, the colours represented in this catalogue must only be considered an example of the many possible colour shades.